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What is a Switchboard

 A switchboard is an electrical panel which provides power, protection, control, and coordination for circuits in a building or other structure. Lindwall Electrical has experience in all types of switchboard upgrades, from Residential to Commercial.

Reasons why you need to upgrade your Switchboard

You may be renovating or extending and you need to upgrade your switchboard to take on the extra power consumption in your home or office or the switchboard is in a inconvenient location or need to be relocated. We can help you find the right spot for your switchboard with minimal disruption to your space.

Is your switchboard running out of room due to those modern upgrades like air conditioning or induction cook tops or simply needs upgrading due to the age of the construction.

Lindwall Electrical can help remove any asbestos backed board which may have become a fire risk through deterioration and expose you to dangerous toxins.

Switchboard Safety Tips

To ensure safety for you and your family, we recommend that you never open up or touch an old, asbestos-backed switchboard without wearing proper PPE gear like a respirator mask and gloves.

Remember that working on live power lines can be fatal so don’t go poking around the back of your board and if you notice any arcing, sparking, or burning smells near the switchboard, call us for an inspection.

Keep children and pets away from the switchboard area and make sure you don’t overload your circuits by connecting too many appliances, Don’t panic if you find yourself out of room on your old switchboard – we can relocate it to make space for new devices.  always use a qualified electrician to handle this job!



Lindwall Electrical is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience providing residential as well as commercial electrical services in the Hawkesbury, Hills & Blue Mountains region. We offer a wide variety of services such as switchboard upgrades, switchboard relocations, RCD installation & Testing, Emergency Lighting, Residental Electrical Services and most Commercial Serives aswell. We’re happy to provide free quotes and estimates for all your electrical needs.


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