RCDs what are they and why do I need them –

RCD is the initialism for Residual Current Device. Over the years they have been called Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) and Safety Switches.

The RCD monitors the current flow in the circuit wiring from a switchboard to ensure that what goes out is coming back, should there be an out of balance (normally by 30mA) the device will operate and disconnect electrical supply to the circuit. In some situation devices with different mA rating are required, ie medical areas require an RCD with a 10mA rating.

Are you the manager of a business? Part of the WHS legislation requires all socket outlets in the workplace to be protected by an RCD with a maximin rating of 30mA, this puts the responsibility on the manager or controller of the premises and not the owner.

In a similar circumstance the landlord of a residential property has a duty-of-care to their tenant, by installing RCDs they are showing their responsibility to their duty-of-care.

In some states RCDs need to be fitted before selling a residential property, it will come to NSW so why wait.

Lindwall Electrical can ensure your WHS obligation and duty-of-care are meet by up-grading your existing circuit protection to include RCDs.

RCD testing is required every 12 months –

Certification of your RCD is carried out by testing the operating parameters of the device to ensure that if needed the device will function as designed.

This certification is required at twelve monthly intervals. Lindwall Electrical is able with the aid of specialised testing equipment to check your RCDs for compliance with the required operating parameters.

The testing process requires the RCD to be operated several times to obtain the required information, as this will cause power disruption to equipment and users, Lindwall Electrical can schedule this work to take place after hours.

In addition to the RCD testing every 12 months, RCDs should be tested using the in-built test button each month.

On completion of the testing and the replacing of any faulty devices Lindwall Electrical will issue a compliance certificate.

Lindwall Electrical is a popular firm you can trust with fixing your RCDs. Our technicians are properly trained to ensure they have the best qualifications, and skills to get the right certifications. Our services are not fixed on RCD testing alone. We also provide a wide range of electrical services for all western Sydney residents. We’d be glad to know how we can help you. Contact us anytime to book an appointment with us.

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