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Emergency lighting systems need to be inspecting and testing every 6 months

An Emergency Lighting System includes Emergency lights, Exit Signs and a Test Controller and is installed within a building to provide illumination for a safe exit of the building during an emergency situation.

Emergency lighting systems need to be inspecting and testing every 6 months.
With over 30 years of professional experience under our belts emergency light testing has become one of our integral services. Lindwall Electrical has enjoyed massive success in serving Businesses in the Hawkesbury and surround Areas comply with all their OH&S and Electrical Safety Regulations. We are an accredited company you can rely on any time you need your emergency lights tested and serviced.

Generally emergency lighting and exit sign are only installed in commercial and industrial buildings however they are also required in the commercial part of a residential building, boarding houses and bed & breakfasts.There are many different types and sizes of emergency light fittings and exit signs, here at Lindwall Electrical we will design and installed your emergency lighting system to suite your building using top quality LED fitting were possible.

our highly trained and experienced team are fully Licensed, which makes it easy for us to offer an all-around evaluation of all your electrical devices and make sure your work place is safe. Through emergency light testing services, we help you boost your employees and client safety in emergencies.

We work under strict safety guidelines to ensure that we stick to the necessary safety standards as well as the laid down risk management protocols by the BCA (Building Code of Australia) guidelines.

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Emergency Testing Process

This certification is required at six monthly intervals. Lindwall Electrical will test all your Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign for correct operation and that the lights and sign are in the right locations. Lights and signs that fail the testing will be repaired or replaced. Fittings found to be not correctly located and or missing are relocated or installed, this can happen when a building has had alteration and the Emergency Lighting System was not updated to suite the changes. On completion of all necessary repairs and or alterations Lindwall Electrical will issue a compliance certificate.

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