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Residential, Rural, Commercial and Industrial:

New -

Homes, Garages, Sheds, Stables, Shops, Offices and Factories wired by Lindwall Electrical will give you the power and lighting where and when you need it. Lindwall Electrical offers a full design service providing your building with the simplest of electrical systems right through to complex building management controlled electrical systems.

Alterations -

From the smallest renovation to the largest extension to the refurbishment of your entire house Lindwall Electrical will ensure your wiring is up to all safety standards, replacing it where it's not.

Switchboards -

"Meter Box" access problems? Switchboard panels of timber or asbestos? Lindwall Electrical can safety remove, replace and or relocate your "meter Box" to keep everyone happy and safe.
Does your switchboard still consist of old fuses and no RCD? It's time to upgrade, Lindwall Electrical will remove them and install new circuit breakers and or combination circuit breakers / RCDs so you will have the best protection for your family, staff and livestock. Yes that's right livestock, Click here to read what happened in this horse stable.
As part of the switchboard upgrade Lindwall Electrical can install surge arresters to help protect your electronic equipment.

Some facts on RCDs -

Are you the manager of a business? It's your OH&S responsibility to have RCDs fitted to all socket outlets.
Are you the landlord of a residential property? It's your duty of care to ensure safety of the tenants, RCD protection of socket outlets is part of that duty of care.
In some states RCDs need to be fitted before selling a residential property, it will come to NSW so why wait.
RCDs need to be inspected and tested every twelve months, Lindwall Electrical can provide this service see Certifications.

Power points and light switches -

Do you have broken power points and or light switches? Lindwall Electrical can replace these broken fittings with new modern fittings.
Generally there are never enough power points or they are never in the right place, Lindwall Electrical can fix that problem by installing additional power points (including 3-phase outlets) in the right place, we can also upgrade your single power points to doubles or quads. Get rid of leads and power boards.
How about those shabby looking light switch, Lindwall Electrical can replace them with beautiful modern slick switches.

Light fittings and Ceiling fans -

Broken light fittings, fans not working correctly, Lindwall Electrical can repair or replace as needed to get that light or fan working again.
Fluorescent lights, did you know that if a tube is out but still glowing at each end it is still using energy and not producing any light .... wasting your hard earned money. Lindwall Electrical can re-lamp your office lighting so your not wasting money and increase productive with staff that can now see.
Lighting automation can be as simple as fitting a sensor so the light only comes on when your in the room up to systems that control the lighting and other equipment to set a seen or mode with the press of a button. Lindwall Electrical can advise of a suitable system for your needs.

Emergency lighting & Exit Sign -

Emergency lighting and exits sign are use to provide a safe departure from a building during a fire or power outage, to do this each light is fitted with a backup battery. Generally emergency lighting and exit sign are only installed in commercial and industrial buildings however they are also required in the commercial part of a residential building, ie boarding house, bed & breakfast. There are many different types and sizes of emergency light fittings and exit signs, here at Lindwall Electrical we will design and installed your emergency lighting system to suite your building using top quality LED fitting were possible. Emergency lighting systems need to be maintained by inspecting and testing very six months. This involves isolating the mains power to the emergency lighting system so the fittings operate from their battery. The emergency lights and exit signs need to operate on battery for at least 90 minutes. Lindwall Electrical can provide this testing - See Certifications.

Smoke Alarms -

It's a fact smoke alarms can and do save lives but too often we here stories that the smoke alarm keeps beeping so the battery gets removed to shut it up. Unfortunately when the battery is removed the smoke alarm is disabled and will not provide any protection. Smoke alarms must be installed on all new homes and with major renovations, extensions.
There are many smoke alarms on the market today here at Lindwall Electrical we only supply and install top quality smoke alarms that are mains powered with a none removable lithium-iron backup battery that will last for around 10-years, where there is more than one smoke alarm installed they are interlinked so if one alarms they all sound.

Appliance testing & tagging -

Generally this work is carried out for Commercial and Industrial business and involves inspection and testing of any appliance or tool that can be plugged into a socket outlet. When a item has passed and in in a serviceable condition it is fitted with a tag. The tag carries the date it was tested and when it's due for the next test. Lindwall Electrical can arrange for this work to be carried out. - See Certifications.


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