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Phone Cabling

Phone cabling is for the connecting of phones to the incoming phone lines or to a phone system or just adding a second phone for convenience in another room. Where a phone is required at the same location as the computer Lindwall Electrical can install this cable as part of a structured cabling system.  In a home environment cabling may be required to add a outlet jack in a more suitable place for connection of a modem for the Internet or connection of a pay TV console.

Network Cabling

Network cabling is used to connect computers, printers, scanners and routers to create a Network. The network is then generally connected to a modem so the internet can be accessed. This can be carried out in homes, offices, shops and factories. Today we see a lot of this equipment being connected by WiFi especially in the home, however it is still more reliable to use a cabled network where high data (bandwidth) devices are to be connected such as TVs and gaming consoles.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling uses the same cable that would have been used in the network cabling however additional cable is run for use as the phone cabling. This cabling is generally installed from a patch panel to outlet jacks. The advantage of this system is flexibility as the cable can be configured by Patching for use as a network or phone service. This cabling allows for the connecting of computers, printers and phones etc to the outlet jacks located around the office, factory and even the home. The patch panel end of the cabling is then connected to a router, network switch or phone system. At your home structured cabling is the best way to connect smart TVs and games consoles to a home network and Internet. This cable comes in several speed ratings the most common are category 5e and 6, the patch panel and outlet jack should be of the same or higher category rating as the cable. Patch leads are used to connect the patch panel to the router and outlet jacks to the computer, printer etc.

Patch Panel

A patch panel is basically a group of outlet jacks mounted in one place for the termination of all the structured or network cables. Commercially made patch panels commonly carry 16 or 24 jacks are are suited for larger offices. In homes and small shops the patch panel can be made up using the same jacks as for the outlets.

Patch Leads

A patch lead is a length of cable with a plug fitted to each end. They are available in lots of different lengths and also in category 5e and 6. They are also available in different colors. By using one color for phones and another for computers working at a patch panel is made easy.

TV Free to Air and Satellite Cabling

Cabling for your TV can be run to a aerial for the Free to Air channels or from a Pay TV console to a satellite dish or cable TV system. The cable used here now days needs to be of high quality to ensue there is no corruption of the digital signal. Here at Lindwall Electrical we only use high quality RG6 quad shielded cable and terminate the cable with F type connectors. Multiple TVs can be connected to the one aerial with the use of splitters.


Close circuit TV is the term used for the installation of security cameras. Generally these cameras are cabled to a processing console / recorder. Cabling for these cameras was in the form of a coaxial cable for the video signal and a twin core cable for the power.  While there are many of these systems still operating and available the new generation of cameras are gaining popularity due to better pricing. These newer cameras operate via what is called an IP system which means network connecting. So now we see the use of the network cabling in another use to connect the cameras to your existing network or on their stand a lone network. Power to these cameras can be supplied via the network cable this is called Power over Ethernet (PoE) however some cameras may need more power than the network cable can deliver.


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