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Emergency Lighting System

What is an Emergency Lighting System?

An Emergency Lighting System includes Emergency lights, Exit Signs and a Test Controller and is installed within a building to provide illumination for a safe exit of the building during an emergency situation.

Emergency Lights are lights that operate when the electrical supply is removed and their battery comes into operation. There are many types of Emergency Lights with some incorporated within a normal light fitting. At Lindwall Electrical we prefer to use stand-a-lone type Emergency Light fittings as these make for easier wiring, cheaper repair / replacement when needed and more reliable operation in an emergency.

Exit Signs are a continuously illuminated sign located above exit doors from a building and at any change in direction in the path way from within the building to the outside. Exit signs use to display the word EXIT and may include directional arrows to the left and or right. The newer Exit signs are pictographic by showing a person going through a door and may include directional arrows to the left or right.

Test Controller is a device used to disconnect the electrical supply to the Emergency Lights and Exit Signs without affecting the locale lighting. A timer is usually included to restore the electrical supply after two hours to ensure the lights are not left in an inoperative state. Emergency Lighting Systems in older building were not required to have the Test Controller so in order to test the Emergency Lights and Exit Sign it is necessary to disconnect the electrical supply to the entire lighting circuit, this is generally inconvenient and unsafe for the users of the building. Lindwall Electrical can work with the building users to upgrade their Emergency Lighting System to include a Test Controller so future testing can be carried out with safety.

Certification of your Emergency Lighting System is another of the quality services provided by Lindwall Electrical. This certification is required at six monthly intervals. Lindwall Electrical will test all your Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign for correct operation and that the lights and sign are in the right locations. Lights and signs that fail the testing we will repaired or replaced.  Fittings found to be not correctly located and or missing are relocated or installed, this can happen when a building has had alteration and the Emergency Lighting System was not updated to suite the changes. On completion of all necessary repairs and or alterations Lindwall Electrical will issue a compliance certificate.



What are RCDs?

RCD is the initialism for Residual Current Device. Over the years they have been called Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) and Safety Switch. The RCD monitors the current flow in the circuit wiring from a switchboard to ensure that what goes out is coming back, should there be an out of balance (normally by 30mA) the device will operate and disconnect electrical supply to the circuit.

Certification of your RCD is carried out by testing the operating parameters of the device to ensure that if needed the device will function as designed.  This certification is required at twelve monthly intervals. Lindwall Electrical is able with the aid of specialised testing equipment to check your RCDs for compliance with the required operating parameters. The testing process requires the RCD to be operated several times to obtain the required information, as this will cause power disruption to equipment and users Lindwall Electrical can schedule this work to take place after hours. On completion of the testing and the replacing of any faulty devices Lindwall Electrical will issue a compliance certificate.


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